• Author: WU/QnoEX

How did you find RAL, anon?


  • Author: bFRsFf6Q

It was a telephone call:

Phone: Hello, have you visited www.ral.space?
Me: No but I will go now


  • Author: NIvBscO1

Uhmm.. well, i was looking for textboards which are comfy but also has that y2k feel in it. I end up here


  • Author: 62JL4e1D

@[303] Are there any textboards which don't feel like Y2K?
Most of the software used (Kareha, Wakaba) were written years ago.


  • Author: j+UYlCmd

@304 Well, i've got preferences. I want that old internet vibe


  • Author: BRrb/BH8

I want that old internet vibe.
— 305

Try YourTilde.com .


  • Author: 3WqSOWUx

The homepage looks modern-y but user's page definitely looks like geocities. Cool, thanks.


  • Author: GAfpRSUr

i came here from Post Office, love the aesthetic


  • Author: QcQFuRGf

I happened to come across somebody linking to this site on 4-ch.net/general. I'm going to say that the bbcode formatting and over-all design of the website are huge plusses (I like to collect BBS software, and I haven't seem anything quite as nice-looking as this before), but the entire "neo-forum" thing kind of confuses me. Which part of the site exactly does the developer think "improves upon the classic forum model"? Is he just PRETENDING to be full of himself? No matter how you look at it, this site is "minimalistic", and that to me, is a great feature which sets it apart from the else. It's basically just a stripped down, very nice looking version of just any textboard software, minus the anchoring (this might not be too bad to see) and quoting (glad to see it gone).

Anyway, this site gives me Mega Man Battle Network vibes. Please, please never change the look.


  • Author: lb7Fm3d/

Hey, I came here from the Post Office too! What a small world.


  • Author: RvsRTY4e

I have also come from the Post Office.


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  • Author: Jf6G6F+k

Post Office seems like a pretty cozy place. There are not enough places like these on the internet.


  • Author: UDnHvOJU

4chan -> world4ch (RIP) -> 4-ch -> saovq -> post office -> sushichan -> some neocities site -> this place


  • Author: uBuo8CfX

I was looking through the text-board software on github and that's how I found this site.


  • Author: 7MaOpCaG

>4chan, world4ch (RIP), 4-ch, saovq, post office, sushichan, some neocities site, this place

All those places are nice. Did you know that the guy who runs SAoVQ also runs the Post Office? That's really cool.


  • Author: Daz8wzKe

yeah, I made that thread, also how do you quote posts here?


  • Author: oHuGZfd+

I don't think there's a set way to do it. Like above I used a right arrow but sometimes I see people use the BBCode tags to quote too