• Author: rh7pQLMp

I am so happy today! What made you happy this week?


  • Author: 8by/3+Kz

Not killing myself.
Drinking iced cold brew was nice too.


  • Author: FnICbnAY

@[252] Cold brew is always enjoyable.
I am having a nice bowl of ramen now. And I met a new friend last week, that was nice too.


  • Author: R7/tRZAo

ordered a xiaomi 365 electric scooter.....excited to try it in 5-6 business days


  • Author: 9Rmc3gm+

Ooh, tell us how it is. I really want some electric rollerblades... Been thinking about that for a while but not many good options


  • Author: Ea+7dgiP

scooty came in. spent about an hour screwing with the brakes (didnt know what i was doing at first) to fix the brake pad rubbing against the wheel when not activated. was fun to ride, but i felt like a silicone valley dweeb.

Took to the office and charged to ~86%. Theres an app that allows you to view some settings and whatnot. I set the regenerative brakes to "high" which ive discovered kick in when the throttle is deactivated. Changed back to "low" so I can go down hill.

Top speed on eco mode (reduced power consumption) is pretty good. Took it for a spin on the greenway at full power and it was scary. Battery then was down to like 53% (starting at 86%) after like 12-15 km.

Feels like a beautiful dream to ride it. Gonna put some "slime" in the tires soon.


  • Author: kaGWJ2Cr

That's awesome! Does it make a loud noise when it's engaged or braking? Also, does it get very hot when you used it for that long? Kinda surprised at the battery life


  • Author: QOr5zAye

it makes the same high pitch noise that youd get from any VFD system (like a nissan leaf). This sound happens even if only the regen is active with no throttle. I thought it was the sound of insects at first, then i went into a tunnel and heard it amplified.......

i sometimes get a weird feedback with the throttle that goes like this:
*thumb on throttle rotated ~70%
*go over bump
*bump causes thumb to drift on throttle
*drift causes change in velocity, resulting in other bumps being gone over at different speed, affecting throttle differently yet again
If my knowledge of differential equations wasnt so piss poor, id attempt to model it ;o

the motor is located on the front wheel and it does heat up (doesnt burn to touch). battery pack got to like 39-40 celsius, according to the app. Im concerned about the air expanding in the front tire, and dont want to inflate it too much.


  • Author: wYkGaxYD

Today I went out and got some food at a street festival. It was really nice and I met lots of nice people also enjoying the festival; that makes me want to go out more often!