It's spring have fun in the sun before summer comes.


Aghhhh I was too late this year. And I refuse to wear short pants so I'm stuck inside for the next 8 months


Spring has sprung. Whoop dee doo.
Mid Autumn is the only decent season.
No allergies for the most part, moderate weather with generous chances of rain, and generally less people out and about.


changed the break pads on my bike....took like an hour and a half due to inexperience. someone from oaks and spokes let me borrow his allen wrench set and gave me a spare washer.


brake....oops i can spell gud i prawmis


1. Autumn
2. Spring
3. Winter
4. Summer


Let me fix that for you Mr. 262.


1. Autumn

2. Winter

3. Spring

4. Summer



spring come back



1. Autumn
2. Winter
3. Summer
4. Spring


1. Summer
2. Spring
3. Fall
4. Winter


Am >>9 replying.

1. Autumn should be first because it has the most neutral weather. Not too chilly, not too hot, just right.
2. Winter is second because it's cozy and you can snuggle up to the warmth of a fire. You can always add more layers if you're cold, but you can't do that when it's hot out.
3. Summer is too hot to be first on the list. It should go before spring because no allergies, and you can go to the beach. It's 3rd on the list because once again, it's hot.
4. Spring has allergies, crazy weather patterns and is overall yucky.

Prove me wrong


it's almost as if seasons are different from one region to another #wow #whoa


I'm just messing around, bro. No need to get upset *hugs*


Virtual hugs are not allowed in the new FreeBSD Code of Conduct (seriously)


Just looked it up and you're right. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. What idiot thought that was a good idea?