Do you still use Facebook? I was on until last year or something like that.

What are the reasons for not / using it?
Genuinely curious.




Why would I consent to being part of a botnet.


@[17] ehh, some people seem to enjoy it. Using your real name on-line seems too weird for me.


I have to use it to stay in the loop on club activities.
I was pretty much off of it for a while but got sucked back in and now I'm trapped ;_;


I deleted my first account, but caved and came back when I realized it was more work to avoid it. I don't care enough about socializing or making networks to do it properly with tox or mastodon - and even discord pisses me off with the features and privacy issues - and yet I don't want to be completely cut off from that dopamine rush.

P.S. Captcha called me a sissy...


Ya discord is shite, even though I think that chatrooms are the future we deserve.
I think it's the whole vibe of chat for gamers


I've never used Facebook, and never wanted to.
I don't want my real life on the internet for anyone to gawp at.


I used to use it but after finding out how terrible it is I deleted mine. I think the zucc is one of my least favorite people on the planet, if he runs for office and somehow does well I am going to be very annoyed. Less and less people use it, but facebook messanger is still quite popular, plus they own instagram which is huge and still rising in popularity, and whatsapp which is quite popular too.

ps captcha called me a bitch555 what is this.


@[98] インターステラーbitch5555


i am attached to mine still probably for the next few years, unfortunately.....i use it to find out info about running club events


I had an account in my teens. I would spend quite a lot of time on it, but one day I just realised how much of a useless time-sink it was and deleted it. This was even before I went a bit mad about internet privacy. Have not been back since, anyhow.
Tbh some people still try to get me to join but I think that FB no longer has the same standing it did. Most friends don't care and some even applaud me for getting off it. If your friends are good friends, they will make the effort to text you or contact you otherwise when things are happening. Thankfully, mine do.


I always wondered what pushed people off myspace onto facebook. The custom css's you could have for your page always seemed cool to me as a little kid.
I think thats half the appeal tumblr has now.


@[137] tumblr seems very cool, if just for that aspect. Because FB targets such a larger audience (and to maintain brand continuity) they don't allow custom CSS. It's also too technical for the typical user.


One of the problems of MySpace was that, in its heyday, the target audience was teens, middle to high school. And they didn't try to enforce real names the way FB does, nor did they put any real emphasis on IRL location, the way FB does.

Which was great if you were young and foolish and wanted to meet other people who were into, IDK, Pokemon or the Spice Girls, or whatever. But if you wanted to find people in neighboring cities to meet up with you faced an uphill battle.

That, and after a few years, as the core audience grew older and hit puberty, they suddenly all realized that the entirety of their online presences there was severely cringeworthy Old Shame. And thus Ethereal_Corpse_Grrl_69 fled to Facebook and became Alice Smith again, and Xx_X_420_[Phantom]_SniperGodThor_X_xX tried to forget he'd ever been such a pretentious twit and reinvented himself as Bob Johnson.


Fair enough, I still find it odd that tumblr seems to have filled that niche over the one that was tried and true.
I find it interesting that facebook's niche right now is being split between Reddit, Linkedin and Regional Chat Apps. The chat app varies place to place, but Reddit seems to be where people get their internet humour and Linkedin seems to be the thing for work.
Its not even that normies want to stop using facebook, its that there's nothing fun on there for them anymore.
All the cool people have left or sold out. I remember back when facebook was still big, there were small time comedians putting out joke pages and in 2014-2015 they just got wiped off the site.


People go where the content creators go, and the content creators have been fleeing Facebook for a couple of years. As of a few years ago, after you reach a thousand or so followers, Facebook only shows your updates to about a random tenth of them. (Plus anyone whose friends share them with them.) If you want to reach the rest of *your* audience, who *want* to see your updates, you have to pay Facebook rather a lot of money. Which is one thing if you're a professional author or a cosmetics company or whatever, but rather another matter if you're a fanfic writer, random Internet funny guy, or someone who, God forbid, just uses Facebook like social media.


I haven't seen any of the content creators I liked on any other platforms. Nor has anything seemed to move into their niche.

Funny thing with facebook is that they've gone psycho on censoring conservative news and the sensationalist shit boomers like, this is all in their "Anti Fake-News" push and by God in Heaven boomers are squeeling over it.


Attention, please, if I could beg a moment of your time:


That is all.


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Congratulations on being 100% of the shitposters.


and 50% of the traffic


It didn't take long.


Time to go back to smoke signals until the next site pop up.


I really would like to get rid of whatsapp. I have no problem using signal or riot or something else, however friends will not sacrifice space on their phones for signal since most everyone has whatsapp they don't see the point in using another messaging app. How can I convince them and their friends in turn to switch to more secure software?


Keep your ear to the ground for any big fuckups that goes on with it.

A big security leak would be one. I know gamers bought up every amd cpu and mobo at electronics stores when Microsoft and Intel announced slowdowns for Intel Cpu's over Meltdown. So just point them to things that are going to affect their positive enjoyment.
Unwelcome changes work as well, sort of like when Facebook shifted over to "timelines", instead of "walls".


@ 153:

there doesnt really seem to be an easy answer/solution to the problem...most ppl are too complacent and ignorant.
how will you get ppl to change part of their life for a privacy + security problem that they dont care about? and trying to convince them makes you sound annoying `-`

the only way i got my dad to use signal was by making it the default messaging app like 30 minutes after he got a new fone.

i wish i had a real career instead of being a perpetual student so i could donate monies to those organizations liek EFF and whatnot...




I used facebook for a solid few years. I was never really happy when using it. Got sick of it.


If someone cares so little about what they have to say that they’ll use botnet apps to say it, why bother talking to them at all?

Life is too short to waste looping through inane conversations with NPCs.


So it finally happened. "Normal" people are finally fully aware of the privacy implications in using Facebook. It's weird how events that may seem non-consequential for people in-the-know (facebook app requiring data about you and your friends prior to usage, that wasn't uncommon at all) can have such a big effect in the media... although I suppose that's how it was for a large part of justified scandals.


All I use is shitcord because my IRL friends and 8ch's /late/
Most normalfags don't care until their friends care, who in turn don't care until the media makes a storm about it.


Why are normalfags so boring?

All they do is stare at their shitty phones and talk about nonsense.
Everything is superficial and meaningless.

The whole objective of life is reduced to fun: An everlasting birthday party.


why are RALfags so boring? ;o

but srsly why do people mention netflix as a hobby? if the same person talked about binge watching broadcast TV in the same way they consume on-demand streaming, they would not receive the same kind of positive social feedback.


An eternal birthday party would definitely be more fun than this. But I agree that most people talk without really saying much :3


Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but it seems self-deprecation is really popular among young people at the moment. Everyone laughs when people, who are in reality doing fine, say things like 'my life is a mess', 'I'm wasting my life', or that they spend far too much time watching Netflix. I have seen the slogan 'More Issues than Vogue' on T-shirts and bags recently. To an extent, this is just a way to share one's difficulties while having a laugh, but I find it a bit weird sometimes.


I have depression and anxiety xdd
pay attention to me pls


I only use it to follow pages that have minimal online presence. That and for fap material because I'm voyeuristic.


I'm like the anon above (327), I use Facebook for checking on things that aren't primarily on-line™, and for fap material, but that's been happening less and less. Instagram is better for fapping tbh


I made an account a long ass time ago because my dad wouldn't stop bugging me to make one. I used it once and never again. The idea of facebook just does not appeal to me. And besides, what am I gonna blog about? How much anime I just finished watching?


Honestly, is there any reason why people like us should get facebooks? i never bothered because the idea just doesn't appeal to me, but often I meet people that want to stay in touch and always ask me about my social medias, problem is I don't have any, then we never meet again...