to crunch your enemies _( ¦3」∠)_

i feel great after ive completed a really involved personal project, somethin i can feel proud of

experiencing art and stuff too
art bein able to convey concentrated and varied expressions of emotion and bein able to display pure creativity resonates a lot with me i guess
plus it doesnt have to be so lofty, art can be shallow garbage and finding value in that is fun in its own way

and there are times with my friends that are really comfortable and i can really understand the value of human bonds

now for my less serious answer:
hhhhhhhhhh cheaseburger.. .


This week I've been working on my car a lot. It's very rewarding work while also being very fun, which is something I didn't expect.


-open source software
-sweet lady propane
-file sharing


Making food and love well for their own sake
That strange regressive moment right before a shameful nut
Mastering or inventing something with no apparent usefulness


To know someone and to in turn be known by them

To create beautiful plots

To look good in women's clothing


Verifying my humanity to the psychedelic captacha is sublime I guess.




Finding something, anything at all, that you truly excel at, and then doing it.


Waking up early and drinking a big cup of coffee with your breakfast; nothing beats that.