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i'm still a virgin

i haven't even kissed a girl


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well, it is not a big deal unless it is making a problem for you.


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Incels have their own chan, thank you and goodbye.


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i thought this was a requirement to post on RAL anyway....

but dont waste yer time during school. get smart and rich first.


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No bulli pls


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Like @[180] said it's not a big deal unless it is. I kissed a boy once but I'm a virgin as well... any discussion on the matter of wizard powers goes to the dumpster... the textboard there looks nice but it feels weird


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okay sorry guys and gals... I see that i've upset a couple people here. i was just feeling lonely...
184 are you girl? please tell me you are i just want to know that girl responded to my thread thank you. if not then that's okay as well.
also sorry i don't like chans much haven't posted on any for many years now...

~ash67~humanity verified~


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I'm down with the @[180] grind. Not a huge thing unless you believe it to be, but as someone who has kisd/fugd it may seem like a somewhat illegitimate claim. I used to care a lot about kis/fug and that my lack thereof separated me from people and kept me to a lower social echelon, but I don't think that kis/fug was what brought about the change where I no longer feel that way.
I think the big thing for me was feeling truly loved/accepted because I was struggling to love/accept myself. The relationship ended up as kind of a crutch until I could love myself and it eventually became unhealthy but I clung on longer than I should have because it was sort of what helped me move beyond that feeling of being trapped in some darker world.
So I think getting the kis/fug isn't as important as actually coming to peace with yourself. Relationships can be a crutch to lean on and help you get to that point (a lot of people argue they shouldn't), but I don't think they're the only way and I don't think kis/fug is the aspect which facilitates this change. Hope that helps in some meaningful way as I have nothing to offer but my own experience walking a similar path.


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@[186] is right. Personally I think there are things more important things to oneself than having had intimate relations. You should spend your time trying to achieve/do things that make you enjoy being yourself. If that is pursuing a relationship, intimate or otherwise, then go for it. For me, my biggest fault is that I often don't fully commit to seeking a relationship which often requires more time/effort than I am willing to put into. This is probably a good tell that I'm not emotionally mature enough for a relationship though. Take this as what you will.



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Join the club!
That's a good way to end up alone or with a gold digger. Personal development is optimally not postponed but done parallel with professional development.
Were you the one who made the thread in the textboard that was baleeted? If so, I was going to suggest crystal.cafe if you don't mind cattiness. I'm sure there are some virgin gals there.

Like it or not, human sexuality is a huge part of the human experience for the vast majority of people. Some people really could use another to love them, because they have a hard time doing it to themselves.


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do not give up, there's still time