• Author: HQBmUkaA

Does anyone wear glasses / contacts, or otherwise have any vision correcting hardware?
I'm prescribed -4.25 diopters (L) and -4.75 dipoters (R) so without any correction I have trouble seeing. But I wear contacts anytime I go out so hardly anyone knows that I'm blind as shit anyway.


  • Author: hZwcMjbE

I wear glasses most of the time. I'm at -1.25,-1.25 I think. I'm not that blind without my glasses, but I enjoy how blurry the world gets without them. I don't think glasses-less people really understand impaired vision, people think I can't see anything without my glasses at all.


  • Author: MO80pNtn

I have a glasses fetish. I am also blind as a bat and can't see past my fingertips.


  • Author: OZIOanf8

I wear glasses, but I haven't memorized my prescription yet. Everything gets really blurry without my glasses, and I can't read properly without them, unless I get really close to the text. I'm getting new lenses and frames soon, some of the coating on my lenses has worn off. There's a weird half-moon shape in the middle of my right lens, and a ring of unprotected glass on the rims of both lenses


  • Author: jIOMPb8E

I don't know my prescription but yes I wear glasses and I wear them literally all the time (except sleeping of course). I can't see jack shit without them!


  • Author: mN1PP2U5

I have a glasses fetish
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That's funny because I wear glasses.


  • Author: vpFqXByc

I wear glasses. I used to refuse to wear them because I liked how everything looked like a pastel painting, but then I got to high school and couldn't see the board.
Now I can't imagine not wearing them