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I messed up


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messing up is something everyone is bound to do in one way or another


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It's really easy to feel that way, but don't ever feel like it's permanent. Learn from it (if there is anything to learn) and keep those lessons close to you.


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Making mistakes is a natural part of life. It's the driving force behind how we learn. What matters the most is what you learn from the experience, and how you use that knowledge to improve yourself, and prevent the same thing from happening in the future.


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But what am I supposed to do if I shouldn't keep an emotional promise? I really care about this person, and I just told them that I would stay and work out our (my) problems, but in the process of working out our (my) problems I realized that I am finally ready to be with the person that I truly love.


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@[131] is the person you're with right now the person that you truly enjoy spending time with?


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@[132] I suppose so... But only because it's effortless and sweet and comfy...
I have hurt this person before by choosing my love, and I can't face the idea of doing the exact same thing again after explicitly saying that I wouldn't...


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At day's end, you'll both be happier if you pursue this other person that you say you truly love. If you truly love that person, a relationship with the other will never be fulfilling for either one of you. Unless something radically changes, you'll continue thinking about a life outside the relationship and your partner will simply feel you grow colder/more distant. It is unfair to stay with someone you no longer love or simply never did, you trap both you and your partner in a relationship that won't be fulfilling. That's my two cents, at least.


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Nobody lives on purpose. We're just wondering souls lookimg for a place to rest.