It's 2018 and I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm so sick of eating at national chains and have them give my money to the heebs, I can't even stand it. Yesterday I tried to have lunch at Subway and I just felt dirty afterwards.

This is now a regional specialty thread. If you live in the Carolinas regional specialty for hamburgers and chicken sandwiches is CookOut. Clean reliable food that offers plenty of Vitamins and they give back to the community. This is much much better than the Jews that were on McDonald's and Jack-in-the-Box. Simply horrible.

Do you give local vendors your business?


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I agree: Cookout is the Carolina regional specialty. It's the perfect American hamburger joint. National chains get really old after a while, it's nice to eat somewhere else for a change.

Though, I'm unsure about the vitamins claims. I think the food is 98% grease + 100% love


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You sound very angry for someone who just wants to talk about food. Is there anything else on your mind?


Theres actually a lot of cookoutes in georgia, kentuck, tenny-sea, and ali-bama.

but i still love hardees and cant git enough of their student discounte


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