• Author: sYsr7GRQ

I've been going through old text boards, image boards, bulletin boards, forums, and their associated archives. Any I could remember ever visiting and many I never knew that come to existence and uncountable more that slipped out of existence without notice. I looked at archives people have desperately made to salvage these moments in digital space so that their ghosts could continue to linger even when those who tried no longer minds them. Conversations as frivolous as possible and more important than one could ever understand. I miss them, those who I never really knew. Theirs' was a warm kindness and theirs' was a painful poison. As though children's laughter echoing across an empty field where our playground had once lay. It is another year and things I've cherished comes to be a year further gone and with those newly lost to join them in age. To all that was thank you for coming into being.


  • Author: cNBmDLZw

It's nice to remember memories from the past, but at the same time, I think it's important to make new memories too, instead of being one of those people who only talks about the "good old days."


  • Author: hd/K682r

Members of online platforms can be classified in many different ways: by activity level, diversity, or even intent. A significant body of work has studied users with exceptionally high or low activity levels. For instance, many online platforms are populated by a large proportion of lurkers who contribute not at all or extremely rarely [16, 38], and the vast majority of Wikipedia editors who make only one edit during their first 24 hours do not return to the platform [37].