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post your fave dreams you have had:

last nite i had a dream that i wanted some samyang spicy korean ramen, drove to grand asia (or somewhere) and ended up getting distracted by some protester and never got the ramen.....


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I never remember a lot of my dreams. The ones I can remember are usually pretty normal. The worst part is that I wake up as soon as I realize I'm dreaming.


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i had a dream that i walked through my old hai skool and saw someone writing the definition of a complex conjugate on the blackboard...then i was in runescape fighting the dagannoth kings and died and told my friend to bless my grave to save my items....then i almost made it back, but i got banned for botting, then i checked my surface pro and it had been virus-ed and then i woke up


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I still remember a dream that I had when I was 14, it was probably the most vivid I have ever had.
I was sitting in a car or van in the parking lot of an airport, and I was waiting for something. I remember watching planes take off, and being really content, and just waiting for something. A door opened and a beautiful girl stepped into the car, and everything became very bright. She knew me, and I knew who she was, and I can even now recall the feeling of knowing who she is. Her blonde hair was straight and long, her face was slightly freckled, and she had an incredibly soft expression and bright smiling eyes.
She kissed me once, and then left through the other door (I am not sure how but it's part of the memory). She said something in my ear as she left, but I don't remember what it was. I don't know if I ever did. It wasn't a sad goodbye, but it was goodbye.
I have always felt uncomfortable about this experience. I honestly feel as if I regressed into a past life or experienced a fragment of someone else's mind. I almost never remember my dreams, and certainly have never felt anything so strange.


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i had a dream that i was playing hide and seek in my grandmas house and then my family came to visit me in NC and there wasnt enough room. then my washing machine was a hot tub and i had to keep making sure that stuff didnt fall out during the wash cycle. then my mom was concerned that a certain group of people were gonna harm me because of a certain religion i like to criticize...


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I dreamed that I had a really cute dog and it was really excited to see me get home and it jumped all over me and it was really nice. I don't have a dog irl :(


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i had a dream that my aloe plant was an onion plant (the green stem part) and then one of the stems was super long, like 100x longer, and i was like "thats only 2 orders of magnitude"


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My first ever lucid dream where I flew was pretty great. Also dream where I was cuddling with cute anime girls was very nice.


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the next evolution of fandubbing is fanscoring, in which fans choose a soundtrack they feel is more fitting

you may recognize fanscored works when they are collectively referred to by the affectionate nickname "Steely Danime"


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The ENG dub of the Initial D movies completely rescored the Eurobeat with more-palatable rock. Also there is an orchestral rescore of DBZ floating around.


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oops i meant to post this in [Anime / 34]

mmmmmmmmmm i would think taking away the eurobeat would make the material its working with less distinctive
but maybe it works, i havent looked into it


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i had a dream that i was at this place (a hangout?) and it was run by a serial killer and me and this guy wanted to check out the upstairs and he was liek "noe you dont"......then later he cornered me or something, and i was gonna fight him with a hammer, but then a rattlesnake bit him and he died instantly, and i went to explore the rest of the place and he was making clones of himself and then i woke up...


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I had a dream where I was watering a dead grape vine. There was a thick fog surrounding me with a small patch of sand below and just the dead plant. I was watering away.
Had this dream some years ago and I still remember it.


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A few days ago I had a fever. I felt exhausted throughout the whole day so I just stayed in bed. Sometime throughout the day I fell asleep. In my dream I was playing video games on my TV (which is in front of my bed), then suddenly the TV kinda zoomed in on my face, only to then get really really small. I check my surroundings and suddenly I realize I am no longer on my room, instead I was in a black void, floating in nothingness. The TV them grows back, but this time around the TV had turned into this purple geometrical 3d square. The size it grew was humongous! Like so fucking big that I can't even describe it! And for some reason seeing this gigantic figure in front of me made me feel extreme panic! At this point I realized I was dreaming and I wanted to wake up so bad but I just couldn't! The shape then once again shrank back down to a microscopic cube, only to grow back... This pattern kept going on for a little while, until finally the square instead of shrinking it just got really, really thin... It turned into a line basically. But I could just "feel" something when it turned into this thin line. Like the line just kept getting thinner and thinner and that for some reason made me feel very uneasy. After that I woke up. I was sweating and my heart was pounding very hard! But I was thankful to had finally waken up... But that's not the end of the story. I fell asleep again like an hour later. Dream started the same way. Playing video games on my TV, screen zoomed in and at that point I knew I was fucked again, but this time the dream was a bit different. I got put back on the void, but instead of a square this time, it was big numbers...? And they kept going up! Like it started at 1 and then it kept going up from there. I tried so hard to wake up but I just could not fucking do it. I then noticed that the numbers had restarted. I thought it was strange, so when it went back to 1 I decided to count the numbers as they went up. I then realized when it got to 48 that it skipped 49 and went straight to 50. The second I figured that out, I woke up! And just like last time I was sweating, heart was pounding and I was in extreme terror. Fucking terrible shit! I hope I never get another fucking fever dream like that ever again!