• Author: HaDMiU7b

When I tell my alcoholic dad to drink less, and that he should get help for alcoholism and it could help improve his quality of life, he says I'm bullying or "needling" him. I told him that I am telling him to get help out of concern for him. He doesn't seem to agree.

What do you think? Is it nicer to just ignore someone's problems, or should you tell them they should get help?


  • Author: mhizx+wA

It doesn't matter what your Dad wants. Your life is your own. If you wish to continue to encourage him to seek help and hope he does one day that is your choice. Whether your Father does seek help or not is his own choice too. Don't expect to do good and be rewarded, do good because it is good in itself. Good luck, and Godspeed in your endeavors.