• Author: I9QxhTjl

In Null space things are created out of nothing.
In Material space things are created out of things.
A "God" creating things from nothing cannot exist in material space.
But what is the source of all things in material space?


  • Author: OEeqMCsh

Logic is something. If there is nothingness, you have no logic. Logic says you can't get something from nothing. But when you have nothing, logic can't stop you. Logic and matter can come from nothingness, but then after that, these laws say you can't get stuff for free anymore. Also, there are theories of the universe that imply that nothingness doesn't exist, and something always has and always will exist (but with different levels of entropy, of course). Like instead of time flowing one-dimensionally, maybe there's more to it. Or maybe it's an illusion. There's also a theory called cyclical universe theory, where the universe has a big bang and then expands (the universe is currently expanding at an accelerating rate), and then the theory is that, in the future, the acceleration of expansion will decrease and it'll eventually reverse, and then the universe will implode in on itself and then all matter and energy will be in an infinitely small space, and then have another big bang, essentially restarting the universe. Or some people believe in other theories, but the point I'm trying to get across is that there are plenty of things we don't know, and maybe something can come from nothing, or maybe nothingness is impossible. We'll never know in our lifetimes, and who knows if humanity will ever know.