• Author: dhpBV6RJ

There's a text board I used to post on (not this one) but I guess the admin must have abandoned the site for a while (because they would have banned this person otherwise) and there's a dedicated troll who posts extremely disturbing things and I just can't go to the site anymore. A few bad eggs can really ruin it for everyone.

This site gets moderated, right? Just checking.


  • Author: QHR2Fs8x

I don't know if ralee is moderated, I mean we get the occasional spammer. I think mainly we just operate under the assumptions that it's nice to be nice, and that the free exchange of ideas shouldn't be questioned.
Yumi-kun claims to not even look at the ips of posters.

What kinda disturbing things? Guro fiction? Wrongthink?


  • Author: odb87Z+d

Once upon a time, there was an okay text board. People would have normal and harmless discussions on it. Then I think the admin stopped checking it, because there's no moderation there (because bad posts never get removed, which I assume is because the person who owns the site has abandoned it). Now there's a creepy poster who posts disturbing stuff that indicates that he's a sex offender. I'm not sure if he's just trolling or if he's serious, but regardless, it has ruined the whole site. So that's one less text board for me.


  • Author: 5WAWwHDc

>one less textboard
There's only a handful anyway and they're all really slow.
Not that it's a bad thing; I wish they all had RSS feeds like RAL because it's such a hassle to stay tuned-in to any discussion if that means I have to open my browser and check out each thread / board.