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Let's talk about denpa!
Good example of denpa music:
Denpa art:
Aside from the Wikipedia definition, I'd define it as a weird/pseudo melancholy but also laughing about how weird things are type vibe. Kind of sad, kind of amused. Like when you think you've hit rock bottom, and then things somehow manage to get even worse, and you can't help but laugh about it. A weird bemused and conflicted feeling. Sort of like outsider art to express complex emotions.


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Yeah emamouse is really cool, though I haven't spent much time listening to her stuff. It's definitely some interesting music. What are your favorite denpa albums? Also this might be a good topic for [music] but [chat] might be more active.


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Also I'm really excited for burrito galaxy it looks like a sick game. I hope it comes out soon.


  • Author: vMXTRPjt

it seems cool but it also seems like one of those perpetually-in-development games that will never get released


  • Author: 4AIan2jG

true, true, but one can always hope