• Author: Q3/mGiv2

Hubbabubba is the only enlightened gum on the market; Big League Chew is up there but nothing comes close.


  • Author: G4ZG2t1Z

Hubbabubba is for the children: only good for blowing bubbles


  • Author: osV/BPKx

my grandpa used to always have one of those ~300 packs of dubble bubble, and id chew one for liek 20 chews and then swallow it, going through liek 5-6 pieces that way.


  • Author: xFFP3TWs

@[91] I think about swallowing Hubbabubba every fucking time I eat it. It's just so sour and then it's all gone


  • Author: ub7yq3gE

they discontinued my favorite gums b ( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )
'sfucked up

these days when i buy a pack
i mostly go for Lotte™ brand Black Black™
its mentholated and caffeinated and theres no artificial sweeteners so thats cool i guess
keeps ya awake

mostly its the closest thing i can find to licorice gum anymore
( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )


  • Author: 7ugva8Lz

[93] cont

but when the asian market's not within reach i smack that cinnamon trident my good bitch


  • Author: I/3fiEfZ

Well I ran out of Hubbabubba today and I'm pissed. There's something to be said about being all outta bubblegum but the fact of the matter is that I don't want Hubbabubba anymore.

What flavor should I buy at the store? Is there anything brand new that's likely to be at a gas station?


  • Author: 7Poibkql

@[93] Black Black is the best gum and anyone who disagrees can see me outside
It's delicious, has ginseng and caffeine, and DOESN'T have aspartame which gives me unbearable headaches.
It's the only gum I've ever seen in a physical store without it. Have you tried the lozenges? Also dope.