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Have you ever read any books relating to social atomization, the concept of hyper-individualism and how it's a bad thing? You know, separating us from one another and how communities are in decline in the west.


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I didn't read any books but I had two electives abroad that described one mechanism of this (as it related to their specific country):

With the proliferation of radios and later, household appliances, manufacturing industries boomed, BUT as soon as a family as a unit possessed any given appliance (TV, radio, w/e), they didn't need another one, and so these industries tapered off. As we know, ONLY sufficiently providing for your boss's and employees' well-being means your company is SHIT--a company has to expand indefinitely in order to be successful given that """stocks""" and """investments""" power """development.""" In order to keep expanding, companies began marketting personal versions of these appliances, beginning with the portable transistor radio and really picking up with small versions of TVs and record players.

Now, admittedly, the first wave of this process began splitting families up form the community-at-large, but splitting up the family into 4.5 individual consumers is where things got crazy. With each individual concerned with their own uniqueness, and that very uniqueness mediated by mass-produced products, you get into the peak of the "Bowling Alone" shit. The main issues now are:
1. Diminishing returns
2. How does one continue to affirm themselves as an individual when their self-concept is mediated by possessions (trouble in itself) which are not exclusive to each person?


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big if true


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This is basically the main focus of the Frankfurt School.
Atomised individuals consume more, so capitalism continually breaks down social bonds.

Marcuse's "One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society" is a good place to start.


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lol imagine supporting marxist shit unironically

just because social atomization is a problem doesn't mean you have to go full retard


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But you're so close


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>Frankfurt school
>Marxist shit
>Not elitist blackpills
2/10 made me to reply to someone just spouting buzzwords from their /pol/ infographics
If you're serious, give Fromm (and Adorno if you want) a whirl. Escape From Freedom is the ultimate blackpill but it is the one we all must take.


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You just end up a pre-modern in a sense, you want to make a new world or wallow in the soupy mess of today?