• Author: 8oxuJ8zV

today is my birthday.


  • Author: BHFPz61w

happy birthday! https://www.reddit.com/r/DeepIntoYouTube/comments/2dwzaq/this_youtube_channel_has_over_250000_videos/


  • Author: +nFcZVtD

Happy birthday.
I wish u will be a little more happy.


  • Author: dT5B53v/

I love birthdays.
Can I come to your party?


  • Author: hL22HCCr

Man, birthdays are dope
Hope you're rocking it, fam


  • Author: RqBcLURE

Thank you guys, you made my day just a bit better. You are all invited.


  • Author: q01fQJTZ

How old are you now, OP?


  • Author: eIt/0JZ/

Happy birthday! I'd totally chill if we weren't seperated by probably several thousand kilometers of wire and switching gear and the hearts of young men.