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Are people less interested in meeting new people online?

Back when the internet was new(er), people were eager to try out chatrooms on AOL and talk to random strangers about things. Now? People would prefer to use the internet as TV 2.0 (Netflix and Youtube), or just post pictures of themselves on Instagram, usually for their close friends they know in person. There are some exceptions, of course, but it seems like there was a shift in attitude for the average internet user in going from being interested in "exploring the information superhighway" and meeting new people to just being an extension of boring non-internet life, which has made it seem more normie-ish and lackluster in some ways. Or maybe this is all just rose-tinted glasses nostalgia bullshit on my part.

What do you think?


  • Author: hJ1t7FP9

For the most part I'd agree with you; hundreds of millions of normies (billions even?) are using the net primarily for such things, BUT consider the following:
Despite the """quality""" of these communities, they are communities in which people share and discuss news, opinions, hobbies, sexuality, &c. Sure, no one really "meets" new people on these sites, but they do chat with them, sometimes even meaningfully.

As for their traffic, too many people browse 4chan, a lot of or even most normies and pseudo-normies browse reddit, tumblr has actually drafted and passed laws in Canada and out west, and twitter is well... every normie uses this to some extent.

Sidenote: are people less interested in meeting new people?


  • Author: 13cTBbP8

I've befriended some people on Discord servers but that's about as close as I've gotten to being able to make new friends online in a long, long time. Literally one of the only reasons I got it is because it seems like everyone uses it and so I thought it would be a good way to meet new people


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protip: becoem an Furry


  • Author: iU3gKVjE

I never really cared about meeting people online. I just want to see things that live up to the potential and the hype of the 1990s propaganda.

Where are the innovations in art, culture, and ideas? Show me something that proves that the internet wasn't just a way for businesses and governments to control the world.


  • Author: KIKvlLM8

ralee.org is the true power of the internet.
The rest of the internet has replaced the library of Alexandria as the greatest repository of media and knowledge (torrents, other p2p, wikibooks, project gutenberg, wikipedia, &c.).
It will also replace the library of Alexadria as the greatest repository of information lost. TT^TT


  • Author: Uvb1cg+V

That's why you save as much stuff as possible just in case it gets deleted. Plus you'll always have it at hand, and can post it online again.


  • Author: vfRTqTVu

Data hoarding considered harmful. Live in the moment, be zen, don't worry about hoarding for the future. Life is ephemeral, it doesn't need to be archived. Besides, we spend too much time in front of telescreens as it is, no need to prepare for "what if I lose 0.000001% of my content" or some shit.


  • Author: sLYcUhLY

The moment suxxx and everything must be preserved to restart civilization.


  • Author: Om9V77Mr

You say that now but once the internet loses some information you considered valuable you won't be saying that.


  • Author: wiOWe4BU

there's too much garbage on the internet, I hope most of it gets lost