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Survivorship bias, lack of empathy, poverty, trauma, and "hard work"

People who had good upbringings, born into wealth, in a high-functioning, non-abusive family, don't seem to understand why some people are successful while others aren't.

People who had nice lives and make a lot of money don't seem to understand that not everyone else had the same opportunities they did.

They didn't have alcoholic parents who always fought and ended up splitting up and tried to get you to take sides with their countless petty arguments. They didn't have a sister who was murdered by her boyfriend. They weren't molested when they were young. They were beaten up by their dads and then forced by their mom to lie about it. They weren't homeless while working a shitty job while trying to get back into college. They didn't have to worry about making ends meet every month. They didn't have to deal with health problems they couldn't get help for due to a lack of insurance. They didn't have to live in dangerous neighborhoods. They didn't have to deal with untreated mental health problems. They don't wake up every night having nightmares about traumatic things from the past.

And yet, these are the people who go on to become life coaches or counselors or therapists or psychiatrists and then lecture worse-off people about how "depression is just a chemical imbalance in your brain" instead of being due to your shitty life that wasn't a choice, but the only reality you knew. They tell you to just "work hard" but nobody ever got rich working at a fucking gas station. They tell you how college is so easy but they didn't have to work multiple jobs and help their crazy alcoholic family members with their issues all at the same time. They don't know what it's like to have problems. But these people, who don't even get that their success is because of the circumstances of their birth, their parents' success, and even luck, are the ones people listen to about how to become successful. It's all bullshit.

Then you get the people who get that poverty sucks, and generally have some level of empathy for people with problems -- but then they say shit like "you're privileged because you're white" even though you're actually mixed race but people are like "well you look sorta white" and they want to act like you have it easy and should be turned down for opportunities because of this "privilege" nonsense. As if being a certain race somehow means your life is just fucking perfect.


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I listened to an NPR presentation on a conjecture that the "self-made" BS cultural artifact we have stems from The Autobiography of Ben Franklin (which I was coincidentally reading at the time), in which he chalks up all his successes to his own 'industry,' that is, his hard work; whereas, in actuality, though he did come from a somewhat modest family, his sister, family, and acquaintances helped him through all his early endeavors. Even when he started in local politics, a lot of what he did was just campaign to get locals to 'subscribe' to certain services that other people thought up (basically voluntary taxes).

Then this book got super popular--the motherfucker is on the $100 bill--and this belief got embedded into human society. BTW, it was already entrenched by the time Alexis de Tocqueville visited to do his sociological study on American democracy, in which he noted, among other things, the fact that American'ts willingly accept their own misfortunes under the pretext that they can believe that they're their fault, and that successful people earned their position.

Then again, you're missing something. Poor people often feel disdain for 'nice' things and the people who have them. For instance, I believe that anyone who makes a car payment must be an insane fool whose wealth has corrupted his mind and soul absolutely. Jewelry, luxurious versions of functional basic equivalents ("nice" cars, shoes, clothes, homes, furniture, &c.) generally indicate a bad character. And to someone born into wealth, they might find me horribly prejudiced. They should at least, because I am incredibly distrustful of well-off individuals.

Another thing is the point of reference. Everyone will have problems, since the human mind essentially functions as a problem solver. No problems, no point in life. So even if your life consists entirely of fornicating with fertile Slavic women in a Jacuzzi and eating various cakes in-between or during sessions, your mind will identify a problem and you will worry about it. Just saying.


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Civilization needs a hard reboot


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Jack is powerless and sickly
Heavily mediated life, shallow consumerist values have destroyed his sense of personal worth.
Depression/ mental illness are a result of his descent into nihilism.
Unable to find true meaning in his life.


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Nihilism is a necessary decent to make. Will Jack wallow in pity or will he GRASP IT?



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