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For people who've already graduated from uni: how did your expectation coming out of college match up with what kind of work you got yourself into?

I want the red-pill about what to do with the rest of my life


  • Author: HSj6fCkk

my friend graduated recently and he still works in the same store he worked in before he graduated


  • Author: ui7YCdtv

What >>2 says happens pretty frequently.
I am a grad student boy, so I can't really tell you from personal experience, but I've heard if you have a humanities degree, you either do nothing or apply at a bunch of places and work doing something at best tertiary to your interests (but well-paid).

If you do something brofessional or STEM, I believe job hunting is still the real deciding factor, except you shouldn't just decide out of nowhence that you want to be a journalist/HR Manager/generic office boy at a logistics firm/literally any random shit. Instead,
>find job
>get job
>buy house
>get married
>be happy