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What do you people like to cook for yourselves? When you really want something special, what's your go-to meal?


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To treat myself I'll head to the asian market with a couple new things I want to try and decide by what's fresh - the last time I did this I made transforming rice from Shokugeki no Soma. But my hot and sour soup is definitely home.


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There is a southern German dish called "Kässpätzle", you can think of it as a fancier kind of mac and cheese with self made egg noodles and roasted onions plus chives. It's pretty easy to pull off if you have someone teaching you how to do it once or twice, even though there are a few smaller pitfalls to avoid. Another hurdle you have to overcome is that you need a special cooking appliance in order to transmogrify the dough into "noodles", but you can get decent ones for less than 20 Euros.

It's a shame how unknown this dish is outside of the German speaking world, and even many Germans, especially from the northern parts of Germany, often don't really know about it or never ate the "real thing".

I almost feel obliged to write a recipe in English to enlighten more people on the arguably most delicious state of carbs and fat known to mankind.