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I have severe mental health issues which are ruining my life, but no matter how many people or clinics I reach out to, nothing changes. I've talked to counselors who are unhelpful. I've talked to many different people at my university who are unhelpful. My family is sympathetic, but also still unhelpful. My friends don't even understand my issues. Everything is getting worse and I don't know what to do. People say "just go to a counselor" as if that will do anything. I do see a counselor and they don't help at all. This "just talk to someone in a room" thing is only useful if you want to vent, not if you need mental health treatment. My mental health is continuing to decline and talking to a counselor in a room for 45 minutes every 2 weeks won't change that. This is stupid. Mental health treatment is a joke. I am going crazy but I am begging people for help, and... nothing. People said they could help me get a job. They lied about that and it amounted to nothing. But the people in that department still get paid to supposedly help people like me find placement, and they still get paid even when they don't do what they're supposed to. And counselors still charge money even when they fail to help you at all. People said they knew what would help with my mental health. Well if their "help" is so effective why am I continuing to get worse? It's all bullshit. The only people who benefit from mental health care are the people who are making money from it. Sure, when you have a nice salary and a family and no mental health issues or past trauma or worries about becoming homeless again, it seems obvious how to be happy and productive. But they don't know or understand where I'm coming from.


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Hey brother, I hate life, and have experienced (drug-induced) mental health issues (and gaslighting, which can feel worse esp. if you don't buy into the lies). I don't know what you're going through, so I don't really know how to specifically give any advice.

Unfortunately, I really wouldn't be able to give any advice anyway, because I have consistently been unable to shake lethargia, vice, loneliness, frustration, anger, and depression; but I can commiserate with you a bit. Everybody gives bullshit lines like "things get better" and "believe in yourself" and all that shit. The problem is, if you're fucked up and/or intelligent, all the things people say are NPC-tier responses. If you're an undergrad though, there's a couple things that help:
>Study abroad
Literally the only pleasurable part of my life since age 5. Helps you find yourself and all that hippie bs, but unironically
>Drop out
You could totally live my dream and drop out to become a gutter punk
Sometimes you can raid philosophy for new things to try out. Would lucid solipsism help you? what about getting into your body and doing sports etc.? Meditation?
I'm kinda ranting here, and I know you probably think I'm a prick. It's just that it's rough for me, especially since I have no one to talk to about my depression, self-image issues, or that time that my fam and friends tried to convince me I was psychotic. So, I guess what I'm saying is I know that feel bro (perhaps) and the above are weapons I use to help me fight in this war against spiritual agony and intense loneliness.

Alternatively you could buy into the big pharma meme and let the Man play with your brain chemistry. PS sorry for blog-posting and making this about me.


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