• Author: vgkDL0YS

Remember to live every day to the fullest; I, for instance, got an iced americano instead of a hot americano today. This is the true definition of variety and I hope everyone realises how important it is to be disruptive in a world full of sheep.


  • Author: JXv4PA9K

Wow you're so deep and better than everyone else because you're making fun of coffee. Only NORMIES drink coffee amirite? Wow so wacky and zany!!!!!! Why wake up with caffeine like A PLEB when you can be tired instead?


  • Author: /TeFMpwo

Is this kink-shaming?


  • Author: Y4El/meq

>Not getting a wide-eye
What an abhorrently plebian post.


  • Author: ceP5RezE

I actually got a thing called the red eye the other day. It was just a 5/10 espresso.


  • Author: Clp9FoP9

You should reduce that fraction.
Nah, fam, a wide eye is espresso + drip coffee. Essentially cafe americano's final form


  • Author: 3Bi2T46K

So it's cut with coffee instead of water? What's the point of the espresso? Does it even taste good?


  • Author: 4HvfJDTi

So good. I mean, it's basically really strong coffee. Add sugar and you've got pure ecstatic energy. Plus, drip coffee has more caffeine than espresso, so it's like a redder eye