• Author: FF91PfsB

You do know that a full breakfast is the secret to a long life, right?


  • Author: 8z2W+y1T

Ah, so that must be why I've been eating fewer breakfasts lately.


  • Author: Q2Oehi8n

Is waking up early also the secret to a long life? I'm unsure if I should
1. Get to bed early and wake up early, or
2. Get to bed late and wake up late
Which lends itself to the best life?


  • Author: tRbE8Gre

@[55] I'll sleep when I'm dead. Rest for 2-3 hours at a time when you need to and shun your vestigial circadian rhythm with stims


  • Author: +9kD41qh

That's actually a myth created by Kellogg's and other cereal makers to promote their products. Kellogg held traditional adventist beliefs, and although he was a good man that pushed for better sanitary practices and better healthcare, some of his holistic advice (eating bland whole grains for breakfast in order to purify the body) didn't hold very scientific results behind them.


  • Author: MRXx+cxY

@[3] get to bed early, wake up early
I never take my own advice unless I've something pressing to do in the morning, though, like work or something


  • Author: flbhZ6b/

The only true secret to a long life is not dealing with stress every single day and not having mental illnesses to impair you to the point where you can't do anything to better yourself in life, physically, and mentally on top of everything else. It's simple really.


  • Author: 2Ye8YeSd

@[7] Don't forget a lack genetic tendencies toward terminal or otherwise debilitating illnesses!