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how did shows like Lain, eva, gundams, basically 1 season (or their "first")legendary anime, decided upon the length, number of characters, whos the antagonists, plot devices and story... other than considering budget... are there logics in the decision of the content, so that the show, is expected to be good?

are there some sort of, quality guideline to this?


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shorter animes are usually more tight and concise with plotlines, longer ones tend to lose public interest and usually get to far away from the premise, gundam works because every single series has a different premise.

character number its usually determined on how much screentime the character needs for you to get everything outta it and make it tie with the main unfolding arc, you could have various short term memorable characters or few that have long term arcs

antagonists,plot devices and story its all of the creators head, i dont think there is a formula for what makes it goo other that to be something fresh and interesting, once it gets formulaic it becomes a genre and its not the spearhead that once was(the best example that i can come up with it how no souls-like game will ever be dark/demons)


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understood. so shows like EVA, did they decide the number o character first and who or what they do or the plot that these characters will be involved in and how many participant will be in it? also how would you/they decide their particular screen time?


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shows don't decide anything, the author came up with everything on their head
only Hideaki knows, and even then theres no real way to explain creativity in somebodys head im afraid.


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well, hideaki was under gainax and he did not have infinite resources so i am wondering about how did he plan the show based on his projected cost and profit i suppose to keep gainax and himself moving otherwise then you ll be operating on massive losses which means mountains of debts and basically not gonna be the legendary, million dollar franchise it is remembered now


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wtf youre talking about, you have you creative idea then you adjust to fix the budget, not the other way.

obviously you cant have an show with a 1000 detailed characters each one with their own arc and backstory in a big production, but people do that with their autism OCs all the time.

Lain wasnt very costly to make, 13 eps, lots of still shots of wires and reused scenes, any scene that there is a crowd the npcs are all the bare minimum.
soundtrack was probably

OG Gundam got cancelled originally and later had a near infinite budget based on the toys they sold

hideaki was already a know name when eva, he pretty much just told people what to do since most of eva was outsorced to Tatsunoko.


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sorry i dont get it and all these og oc stuff. if your idea becomes to humongous for the budget then naturally it becomes impossible to do? so best way is to know how much first before going all over the place than going too much and then making cuts?


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