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  • Author: HA2B8Mc6

what site are you using to watch anime. I really love because there is almost every anime dubbed and you can download anime in different resolutions


  • Author: CZdEWzU6

I don't get why anyone wouldn't use or a legit service like Crunchyroll.


  • Author: HA2B8Mc6

crunchyroll has got ads!:mad:


  • Author: DmTOhPkr

I just torrent shit from NYAA


  • Author: Bjss4NKa

i stream from 9anime like a goon. sometimes the subs are complete shit, though that mostly happens with less popular series (i think it might be bot translation).


  • Author: 77kkVvzx

I torrent from nyaa, but I kind of feel bad. If I just purchase a crunchyroll subscription and just torrent for the superior experience, will I be absolved of my sins?


  • Author: 9pK3R5bE

@6 Nah fuck crunchyroll and subscription services in general


  • Author: oJDb1ne6

paying for services is gay and cringe, unless it guaranteed more Tomoko, I ain't paying shit


  • Author: Xw/yFa4L

Torrenting is the way God taught us


  • Author: byguDWI4

Bakabt, animetorrents, and nyaas have been my go to since high school. I still remember the bakabt interviewer instantly giving me an account when I sent them my animetorrents page with my 10 ratio. I even completely fucked up the questions they asked before that lol.


  • Author: /Fpgho1D

animepahe has always served me well


  • Author: b6+tV5h0

Mostly downloading from, sometimes when I don't wanna download I watch off


  • Author: 1yFvWl4U

nigger twist its like fight club dont talk about it or theyre gonna shut it down

fucking retard ruining for everybody else


  • Author: lxFVJc1y is the best imo


  • Author: UHwHPrex

Twist went downhill once ads had to be added.


  • Author: rkxBKTL0

thats cause NEET userbase are the scumsmegma eaters of earth who rather spent their money on some quick dope rush to distract from suicidal tendencies.