• Author: HA2B8Mc6

what site are you using to watch anime. I really love gogoanime.sh because there is almost every anime dubbed and you can download anime in different resolutions


  • Author: CZdEWzU6

I don't get why anyone wouldn't use Nyaa.si or a legit service like Crunchyroll.


  • Author: HA2B8Mc6

crunchyroll has got ads!:mad:


  • Author: DmTOhPkr

I just torrent shit from NYAA


  • Author: Bjss4NKa

i stream from 9anime like a goon. sometimes the subs are complete shit, though that mostly happens with less popular series (i think it might be bot translation).


  • Author: 77kkVvzx

I torrent from nyaa, but I kind of feel bad. If I just purchase a crunchyroll subscription and just torrent for the superior experience, will I be absolved of my sins?