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  • Author: jfpuR5c8

Just finished watching the Chobits anime, god that was great. Amazing soundtrack, fun characters and a philosophical discussion about the differences between robots and humans. The mood is probably the best thing about it, with tracks like this calm walk through the city, and this absolute joy of a song. It's so happy and carefree until the halfway mark when it gets serious. The ending song changing to this more serious track at that point is so good, it sends chills up your spine. Do you guys know any other anime that have this early 2000's tone, or involve the issue of humans and robots coexisting, or any of that stuff?


  • Author: jfpuR5c8

OP here, forgot to post the Mega links to the 2 OST albums. I highly recommend giving them a listen even if you haven't watched Chobits, which you definitely should in any case. Album 1 and Album 2


  • Author: B9XqJA+4

I actually haven't watched Chobits yet, it's been on my list but I tend to not watch very many romance focused shows. Maybe I have misjudged it since you seem to think so highly of it, though. The only show that I have seen that really has the robots + humans relationship that you are looking for would be Ergo Proxy, which shares the theme of robots that can gain human-like sentience, but it's more of a mystery / psychological show than Chobits seems. Other shows that have this 'what it means to be a human' theme despite not really being about robots that you may be interested in would be Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion, and Lain (assuming you haven't seen those three yet). Maybe Shinsekai yori too, but this one is much more recent. Again, these might be more of psychological / mystery / drama type shows than what you are looking for.


  • Author: HeUTl6dO

Thanks for sharing this. I started Chobits last year sometime after hearing about its lofty achievements, but around the halfway point tuned out when I felt the show was petering out. Chii kept saying "chii" and it didn't seem like anything was moving forward at a satisfying pace. I'll be sure to go back and finish it soon


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