What is on your Spring 2019 radar?
What's your excuse for not watching the fruits basket remake?


Spring season is some wack shit for the most part.
J.C. Staff is butchering One Punch Man, some backwoods studio is making a mockery out of Senryuu Shoujo, and UFOTABLE is staging some horrifying CG-fueled experiment while they have a break between animating different lumps of Nasu's tripe.
Hitoribocchi is getting a likewarm adaptation, so that's OK I guess. This season is an excuse to clear out my backlog of shit I fell behind on last season.

>Fruits Basket
Do I look like a furry to you?


I mean is this not a furry community?
I think I took a wrong turn off furaffinity...


Yiff in hell!


Never really followed seasonal anime, actually. What the hell is even going on in 2019 anyway?


So far I'm watching Robihachi, YU-NO, Saranzamai, and I downloaded Gunjou no magmel and that Dogakobo fox anime, but I haven't watched them yet.
I'm kinda interested in Fruits Basket, but I don't know whether I should watch the old one first or the new one, so I think I'll just read the manga since that's the important part anyway.


>Fruits Basket
wow what a scru--
>manga is more important than anime


it is i, the "ISEKAI DIE" guy
i don't like isekai
if you make video game references to me i WILL go ape shit and break your knuckles and that is a promise


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