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which is your favourite anime mecha


  • Author: UhWvAFGF

i have one of these in my garage


  • Author: 9JQxNIwa

I never got into watching mecha. But one of my favorite games as a kid was Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon and I'd play that shit all the time.

Sadly I didn't own it and it looks very expensive now.


  • Author: 8Tcl1EzA

@[28] nvm; that's just for an unopened version of the game. I can't imagine buying an unopened copy of the game just to play it.


  • Author: J3RaOY+8

My favorite mecha anime is Gundam Zeta. Even with Cyber Newtype autism, and Four being brought back only to advance Kamille's character development, it's without question my favorite. The classic score intertwined with space rock really exemplified my favorite moments, and it handled death in a simultaneously pointless & crushing way. Not to mention Kamille is such an interesting tragic, and hopeless character, that I can't help but feel sorry for.


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  • Author: nBRz66H3

gundam of course