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What did you think of Violet Evergarden? Good or bad?


It was alright, I guess. Not bad for a first attempt at a netflix-sponsored anime.
Definitely not amongst KyoAni's greatest works, though.


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It was great. I loved it. It made me cry multiple times.


Violet Evergarden left me crying SEVERAL times throughout its length and I really appreciate KyoAni's take on the series. A lot of people I've discussed it with weren't impressed with the episodic take on the novels, but I felt like it only added to the series. Definitely not in the peak of KyoAni's repertoire, but it has some pretty heavy hitters to compete with.


Ambitious. Dark. Frequently moving. A pretty decent show that'll be mostly forgotten in a year or two, like so many other pretty decent shows.

My one major complaint is that it does a pretty bad job explaining some of the background details until several episodes in, if you aren't familiar with the books.


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