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Downloading anime


  • Author: HcySlGeY

Not sure if this belongs on warez or not, but where do you d/l your anime? Streamers need not reply

I use the ever-beautiful Anime Torrents which is open-registration for select intervals of the month. Not exactly sure when the intervals are (and I don't think the mods know either) but just keep an eye out! There's a lot of stuff here and it's very simple to sign-up


  • Author: m4LtoMQH

Usually I go with nyaa.si. Bakabt is for something more rare.


  • Author: Jnsvx1xS

@[17] do you has bakabt account


  • Author: 1gCJDREt

@[17] I know at least 2 admins that would suck your dick for a BakaBT invite.


  • Author: FcWaygv9

@[17, 19] BakaBT is too hyped for what it's worth; there's plenty of free anime in the INFORMATION AGE


  • Author: GIdtEr24

@[20] Getting access to quality batches of older shows is harder w/o access to bakaBT.


  • Author: +w4hoYn1

@[19] Good for them.
@[20] Agree.
@[21] Try DHT search engines.


  • Author: ISHu563o

Animebytes has pretty much everything, and freeleech on 1080p means you don't have to hold out on hoarding.
For recent stuff, I prefer nyaa. With those two, I've got everything covered.


  • Author: P4cr6SOe

nyaa and horriblesubs.info mostly


  • Author: Y6eTVC3+

@[20] It was probably the best public site back when it was public. Bakabt is very well curated and makes it easy to find the highest-quality releases instead of staring confusedly at 5 pages of search results showing every individual episode from 10 different release groups. But now that it's private it's probably not worth the effort of trying to get in. Especially since the "upload economy" is much worse -- with no public leechers to upload to it's harder to get ratio, which means you can't download as much yourself.


  • Author: PeaZRzcd

Who's down with DCC? Yeah you know me.



  • Author: LSbKnQPI

@[82] Getting into BakaBT is pretty easy. I only joined because AnimeBytes rejected me because they thought I defined "Hit and Run" wrong. Just sit in their IRC and open their wiki and look up the questions as they ask them. What I will say tho is that building ratio on BakaBT is a NIGHTMARE. I was lucky that I had gotten a ton of their stuff before they went private, so thats just free things to seed. But if you were just working your way up off of freeleech it would take a long time.