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Nostalgic OPs
I listened to <a href="">Onegai Teacher</a>'s opening again just recently since watching the show years and years ago, and the nostalgia hit me in the gut. A harem anime of all things. But I think everyone has a harem special to them, usually their first one.
The song is still awesome.


woops I fucked it up, it's supposed to be brackets huh



Good topic.
I really don't like harem, moe, or anything related or similar to those, but I still had my experiences with them when I was younger and so I completely share your feelings. Never watched Onegai Teacher, but the sound quality of the video, the artstyle and the part at 1:27 all combined are nothing short of a wonderful experience.
I like the DearS opening, it reminds me of early-2000s internet. Same with Love Hina.