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  • Author: pHGlK6hE

I'm getting pretty tired of moe, but I still want comfiness. Is there anything along the lines of YKK and ARIA that I can watch while relaxing?


  • Author: +8L7Q3Y0

If you've already seen Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Aria, you can try checking out Tamayura or Natsume's Book of Friends[/i].

Though sometimes I find moecomforting; it's really personal and heavily influenced by your situation.


  • Author: eP6tpkX+

Natsume's book of friends is a very comfy, can second this.


  • Author: Hk/al5s3

I'll try Natsume's Book of Friends first, then. Downloading it rn.


  • Author: OfUL40zc

Mushishi is pretty comfy, with about zero moe.
Yuru camp is more moe, but still exceptionaly comfy.
Girls Last Tour is comfy in its own special way.