Lucky Star is kind of a cool show... Or something...


I know that this is kinda expected but... Konata is my favorite!


Lets all love girls with glasses
And also the OP
I miss the early days of moe


>manga still on indefinite hiatus
It still hurts.


the OP was pretty good


And also the OP
— 3

I actually love the OP so much I search for it on youtube very frequently just to listen to it. Afterwards I get disappointed when a new episode doesn't show up...


Lucky Star is an all-time fave for me. It's a kind of self-aware comedy that the industry can't make anymore without being abhorrently ham-fisted. I just wish that I had more of it.


I like Kagami


Almost wish I still had my Konata figure even though it was bootleg lol. Maybe I should pick up legit figures of the main cast. Question is, summer or winter uniforms? hm..


The legit figures are expensive; bootlegs are fine as long as there are no obvious defects... I go for high-quality bootlegs myself.