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Let's all love Lain!


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Lain IS love


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Let's All Love Lain


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You are not needed in the real world.


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The real world doesn't exist in my realm.


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It's not a bad franchise, but I wish Lain-niggers would stop infiltrating my messageboards. Is it too much to go to one obscure corner of the net and not find a generic, zero-effort lain topic on the front page? In my experience, other than the full-blown schizos (which, despite the demeaning mode of reference, I find to be cool enough), any Lain poster is one of those people who started using the Internet seriously last month and is trying to fit into the messageboard culture by looking for the "obscure" things first. I'm sick of all of the people who can't just post normally on these things, are you really so scared that any genuine post you make will be shot down or ignored by the other users? Don't mind any non-sequiturs, I had a lot to get out.


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For me it's not anything as complex as worry over fitting in or being scared of genuine interaction. Rather, Lain is my favorite anime (I've seen it 5 times at this point) and I really love talking about it with other people. I think the fact that it's still talked about so much even this many years after airing just shows how well it handles it's themes. It's easy to assume malice on the internet, but in this case many people just really love the show. The big themes of lain are the internet, loneliness, mental illness and technology, which happens to coincide with the type of person who would end up on an obscure textboard such as this one.


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Teenbros could stop trying so hard.


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I'd love to discuss it anytime anon


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What #8 said, basically


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I think it is one of the best creations of televised media but the international success has a lot to do with the intro being in english (and sung in actual english rather than engrish). Also because it is easier to enjoy even if you don't try to understand the show if compared to shows like Texhnolyze and Haibane Renmei.
Just to be clear, I'm not implying those 3 shows are philosophical because of ABe.


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funy bear pajamas


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I love you.


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in SEL episodes are called Layers. i wonder what the significance of this is. i'd be interested in a discussion of this aspect of SEL as i have not seen it mentioned anywhere, but there it is in the anime. i wonder why i haven't seen it mentioned yet, but more importantly i'd like to focus on that they are called layers. who chose this label for episodes? does it mean each episode is to be considered as a separate reality to be "layered" on top of previous layers, making Layer:01 the baseline, the backdrop on which Layer:02 is formed?


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16, it's a reference to lisp debugging layers


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I thought it was like TCP/IP or OSI model layers


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17 18, that may well be, but those are quite specific instances of Layer while Layer itself is quite abstract: restricting ourselves to working with those instances of layer, unless there is something within the art product which would indicate that such a restriction is reasonable, is unreasonably restrictive.
however, if they are reasonable restrictions, how will that effect the interpretation of the art product? if the answer of "it's just a reference" does not provide the consumer of the art product any deeper understanding of the content of the art product, it does provides them with the understanding that someone working on the art product knew about them, but how does having "layer" in the work imply LISP layers or of the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol / Open Systems Interconnection model layers? abstraction layers would be more likely, but we still need to think of how the this effects the art product at hand


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@17 Thinking of the layers as abstractions is an interesting way to approach it. "Abstractions of what?" we might ask.


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Layer:01 weird, as i see it, has 2 parts:
Chisa: whose main thread is chisa's suicide
Lain, which i say is the main thread of the episode: introduces lain, her abstracted mentality. follows her getting and reacting to mail claiming to be from someone who lain heard had died a week prior.
we are also introduced to her school, home, and her commute between them.

i would like to note that lain, on her way to and from school, only notices minimal details of her commute (she sees the street, but the walls, plants, houses, shadows all blend together except for the contrast between the light and shadow, in which we see coloured splotches which represent her thoughts: splotches have a size and shape, colour, intensity, brightness. thoughts which take up more mental space are larger, broader, wider,, those that took up less space are smaller,, the mood and intensity of thought are shown by colour and intensity,brightness,,). however when she is at school and at home we are shown more detail clearer, which suggests familiarity with the places, though less direct access to her mind, except in scenes where we are shown her partial and total hallucinations.


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good morning, navi


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Layers of existence
Source of this layer
See you in the next layer anon