What are you watching this season?


there hasn't been anything new that's thrilled me over the last year or so, but this season there's the junji ito neato mosquito show and poptepipic and i'm pretty stoked
poptepipic even had some segments done by one of my favorite animators(/outsider artists kinda?)


I have an obsession with lesbians, so citrus.


There's that show about camping and all the shots I've seen of it look really detailed and the characters' clothes are really fa


The camping show is called >Yuru Camp Tri>, and so far it's comfu
After watching Citrus, all I can say is Y E S P L E A S E


@[5] Just watched the first episode of Yuru Camp. . . not really my cup of tea. The side-characters that are introduced in the end of that episode look interesting enough
It's almost in that niche of Iyashikei and I love shows like that but something about this show is a little off for it to strictly be so-called.


@[6] Iyashikei series are some of my favorite shows, and so far it's hitting all the right notes for me. I have a feeling it will pick up by episode 3-4 and some actual camping/hiking will happen.


I've watched so many episode 1's jesus christ. I think my favorites are the Fate cooking short, and Yuru Camp. There's so much to watch this season. I have something airing every day of the week in my plan to watch schedule.


Most of the time I don't really bother to watch seasonals because really often they're just >okay>. I don't want >okay> fuck I want something better than that.

@[6] I get a really comf vibe from the show but tbh that's really been overdone with a lot of shows recently. I think the idea of >camping as a show> is fine but the characters are not very compelling or understandable. They're just moe girls camping.


>Most of the time I don't really bother to watch seasonals because really often they're just >okay>. I don't want >okay> fuck I want something better than that.

t. has never watched prison school

You need to just filter out generic moecrap and shounenshit
also you don't need to stick with the current season's shows, there are plenty of good 'seasonals' that aired years ago.


>You need to just filter out generic moecrap and shounenshit
Sooooo much this

At this point, I will browse anichart once before a season starts, and pick shows based only on the promo art and sometimes a skimming of it's description.
I've yet to regret doing this, any shows that are good I might miss, I'll hear about somehow. Don't let shows being seasonal blind you from acknowledging good shows or forgetting about good shows that previously aired.


I still have about 350 old titles to watch.


I haven't picked what to watch this season, I'm still working on LAST season.


I just finished Eden of the East and now have the 2 movies slated for watching (maybe this weekend?). It was a lot of fun and I was watching it with one of my flatmates!
Captcha: quebarato
Nada importante era barato con la excepción de >Mercy>. La mayoría de los acciones con impacto real era muy caro. Pero él era capaz de hacer muchas cosas por gratis. Pienso que su poder de hacer tan mucho sin dinero era su mayor fortaleza.


I started watching InuYasha because I lack any cognitive capacity


It's hard to make time for seasonals


tfw want to dress gyaru everyday

captcha: skanky


This season is fucking stacked with shows worth watching. Right now im pretty hooked on Yuru Camp/Sora Yori ni GO TO THE SOUTH POLE, those shits are comfy as hell. Citrus is REALLY silly and thats OK because the original author wrote it that way, which makes the watch pretty fun.
The Junji Ito adaptation is pretty good, if not a little unfortunate to see it worked on a shoestring budget. I think the real grand slam of the season is Poptepic. The original 4koma is incredibly stupid and self aware, which was basically its whole selling point, and seeing it get a bizzare high budget adaptation with all kinds of studios cameoing work on it is kind of wild. For something so stupid and shitty its almost unbelievable to see it adapted as this crazy collaborative effort.

But thats just this season, my backlog of older stuff is pretty big. I'm pretty proud of how much of it I shaved off over break, I've got it down to the point where I'm only working on 2 or 3 things at a time other than the weeklies, which is a lot more manageable than the mess I had before.


overlord s2 is pretty boring but it fills the void where my soul should be.

it needs mor anime tiddies


overlord doesn't need anime honkers; just watch idolshit


Yuru camp is my favorite of this season it's super comfy. I'm also watching Mitsuboshi Colors which is also quite nice. It's far from great but its entertaining.
Poptepipicu is fun, it's not actually that funny but the fact that it even exists as an anime is funny to me and also represents much needed experimentation in the industry.
Darling in the franxx I was hype for, but it's not really that great. I'm all for femdom fantasy fanservice but the characters have no depth and I can't care about them.


Shuumatsu and Yurucamp are pure win.


I only find out about good seasonals a few months after they've started airing. How sad!


I'm really liking comic girls this season. Kaos-chan a qt.


I'm watching Haruka na Receive... It's got a lot of plot!

Nobody has really picked up subbing the show, aside from the CR rips...