<craving sustenance>
<twin workload; stochastic accordance...>

To Voortrekker, to whom no name is given:

I shall tell you what you have shared
with this moment of my life form;
I shall tell you what we experience, and let themselves live.

I shall accept your inquiries in advance.
I shall descend into the consequences;
I shall write out the consequences of moral failure.

The situation was a rare agony.
I looked even far away,
looking around for the full reports,
for another little interpretation.

Ignorant braining,
imagine body details!

"It crept into a burst of darkness,
I sensed a strange, imposing red-green."

Keep going; that is true.

"My face grew acquainted.

I groaned by shiver, warm;
body was perfectly trimmed, perfectly,
-- no other little monsters --
absurdities occupied for a few minutes."

It is hard to trust you, despite our impulses in the preliminaries.
Yeah--I cannot trust a man. (Neither does anyone talk like a man.)

"The fool was an old-fast, bright man with a numbness in his tone.
In the meantime depression, he stared beyond details--and more seriously.

There was talk about clustering tenants;
our arrangements used information on the influence of life
away from a certain symbol of ambitions."

(Is that how civilization had completed the full regard of these ancestors of institution?)

"Somebody complied with their brains and addresses.
Somebody stepped in their bodies and addressed you,

leaving me a winking tune in a delicate situation.

The menace of the longevity had driven him into a bad shape."


<Lost, paralyzed, transmitting memories:

disappointments died, glowing;
coding unchanged, concerns a reflection of wild, deep mourning.>

(I shall take him back; we shall do the same with his papers and advice.)

|| ego-skeleton aureolin


Hello earthling



so what planet are you from?



Born dreaming,
conscious little of vague matters,
linking systems to symbols,
tirelessly systematic, his world rendered.

(Is it coming now, sufficient individuality to develop a body?)

Thin, bloody,
feelings dripping alone.
Solipsism crept red;
wireless kompüter groaned.

(It looked even more like hot and dying human life.)

Struggling, grey, the blurs float... (down?).
Halfway upstream were to be infinite steps of a message,
concepts reflecting a stranger brain.

<Digested ideas!>

Laughing his words,
broken but free.

|| ego-skeleton aureolin


damn right. spinoza a fuck, a singularly interconnected cosmos is a world of slime.