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Let's discuss full stack web development. What are the best stacks to learn these days?
What are the most commonly used platforms?
Django? Node? Rails? Apache/PHP? Tomcat? ASP.NET?
What about containers and infrastructure?
How about configuration and deployment (Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc)?


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It is a weird drink, but I like it every once in a while.
A lot of stuff on the shelves is fake due to alcohol regulations. They ferment a short while, pasteurize the fuck out of it, then add lactobacillus so they can say it contains probiotics.
GT is pretty good. They have alcoholic and alcohol-free. The alcohol free is made with retarders so the alcohol concentration is under the legal limit. It changes the taste, but I find I like it better.
I've tried a few flavors, but I like the plain the most.
I've also tried to make my own, but it always tasted disgusting.


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I know some boomers who think I'm the only young person who isn't super successful financially. Like, how out of touch do you have to be to think the current economy is good? Plenty of people are struggling to get by. A couple billionaires getting richer doesn't change the fact that newer generations are poorer than gen X/boomers/etc. There are fewer opportunities, more competition, higher barrier to entry, and lower pay, compared to what boomers had growing up. But they act like I'm the only person my age who isn't doing well.


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Maybe she was a feminist?


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>be me
>live alone in an apartment
>apartment has a shared stairway and an extra door with a key (one key for the main door, another key for your apartment)
>got groceries tonight
>drove back home
>brought them back in the shared area
>walking to my apartment
>someone else who lives in the same apartment complex is in the stairway area
>she SCREAMS and then hurries into her apartment
>super startled by me
>I was literally just taking groceries to my apartment
>I've been living here for about a year and I'm quiet and never bother anyone
>apparently a dude walking to his own apartment, minding his own business, carrying bags of groceries = scary
jesus fucking christ
what is wrong with people


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Functional programming is pretentious and useless.


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╔═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╗
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Repost this if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong statically typed language ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need no weak dynamic type system ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
╚═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╝


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But how do I check specific boards on this website, it just gives me a timeline of posts when I click on them


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Kareha-based textboard. Please be active there too. Thank you.


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Download an IRC client and go to, port 6667
There used to be a web portal but it's not up nao


Endtroducing...: RalEE Powered by Machine Learning

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hiyaya! While I've been soaking up the California sun these past few months I've also been hacking away at RAL under the hood. The most recent updates spawned a few different branches on Github which have all since been merged into master; most obviously, there is no more robocheck! Or rather, there is a robocheck but it's just a checkbox. Since RAL is entirely open-source you can browse the changes on Github; there's been a lot of behind-the-scenes change!

I'm super excited to push us into the next major release! If you ever want to collaborate, don't shy away from e-mailing me or opening a pull-request; together there's nothing we can't do! Plus I've always wanted to pair program in a totally sexual way...

Oh, right...: machine learning! We've been plagued by an increasing amount of spam within the past few months. And while I've been enjoying my vacation / public-servanthood in San Francisco I've kept a keen eye on the site. When we opened over a year ago (under the a different domain name too, time flies!) I was hesitant to delete any posts, but I came to see these posts contribute nothing to our community; actually, they detract from our originality. This spam doesn't seem to be created by robots (they would fail the robocheck) but rather by (sub-human) .onion users. In any case, I have added ample ability to the new RalEE to flag and hide these posts while simultaneously teaching the software to recognize and prevent these kind of posts... so, if you ever find that the site refuses your post, try being a little less spammy ^.^

Mumble Server!

by Prettyboy Yumi /
We now have a Mumble server!
Port: 64738

Mumble is a voice-chat software which has been around since 2005; I'm excited to host a server where we can communicate in real-time! And it's not made by /g/ so it's practicaly guaranteed to stay around longer.
I've gotten the opportunity to test-drive it recently; if you've used Teamspeak or Ventrilo then it'll all come naturally. Download the client from the official site or fetch it from your distro's repositories.

Maybe you've noticed the recent, sporatic down-time? I can tell you that it's not just those BOFH at Spectrum but on the contrary I've been upgrading my mess of home-servers which keeps these sites (i.e.,,, and among others) in running condition! Sometimes there's so much maintanance to do and so much I want to explore that I don't have time between school and everything to do it all! If you ever want to lend a hand (either with maintainance or with the server finances) please reach out!

There's room if you want to come live in the server-room with me too.
~ Yumi


by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hello; we're closing in on the first anniversary of RalEE: on January 6th we will have witnessed the passage of our first year. This is a wonderful thing for a community to close in on and I'm glad that we have braved the rough waters well: there is nothing that makes me happier now than to think of how far we've come and how much farther we still can go in demonstrating the gems of our text-based, BBS community around the Internet.

To celebrate this milestone I will accelerate the release of FUTURE SEQUENCE #001. This experiment was originally planned for a much, much longer timetable but owing to a handful of unexpected early-successes, Future Sequence #001 will begin on Jan. 1, 12AM (GMT+0) and last until Jan. 6, 12AM (GMT+0). During these five (5) days will be inaccessible due to the future : I hope you will be understanding. RAL will be accesible again from Jan. 6th onward.

For the duration of the future sequence RAL will be operating in altered-state and as such your experience of the Internet may deviate from normal.

We hope your future-sequence goes well: until then...

New Domain and Welcome to v3.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hiya; I just got around to adding some new things into RAL last night and finally I've decided it's tme to say it: welcome to RAL v3.0!

We even have a new URL to go with the recent changes: we're now on-line at which is very easy to remember, especially for our newer friends. There are also lots of new themes to complement all these changes so check them all out (or you can find them anytime in the panel at the top of the page).

Finally I want to point out the brand-new Sysop / Co-sysop panel; I'm looking forward to recruiting a handful of co-sysops so that we can help our little community grow even more!

Version 2.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Oh, does something look different? It's RALv2.0! We've come a long way since January and this redesign makes me feel that it's only up from here! Special thanks to hellbaby for contributing the [Anime] and [Music] banner! If you'd like to get in on the behind-the-scenes action, join our IRC (


RAL is a text-only message board / forum. It is written by Prettyboy Yumi.

First, you may notice that there are a number of different boards which have a single focus. These boards are called Continuities because unlike boards, posts are never archived and threads are never locked: conversation is continuous, so it is called a Continuity; each has its own focus. The focus is a glimpse into realm of truth that is afforded by the Continuity. However, the truth is not freely-given and is hardly objective. Therefore, you should post to expose this truth. In turn, posting could not exist without this focusing truth so please respect it.

RAL is named for the beautiful city of oaks in North Carolina, Raleigh.


There are a few guidelines you should follow:

  1. No spamming
  2. Do not post anything which is explicitly illegal in the United States
  3. Lurk more - it's never enough