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  • Author: LDtaqeeB

Internet culture was just different back then. Hard to say whether or not it was really better when people have nostalgia glasses on. I've been browsing 4chan since 2006 and the amount of underage shitposting has been pretty constant. I think the only major issue is that the content was much more memorable; the past few years have been a blur and the 4chan-specific culture mostly died away. Internet culture has become very homogeneous and samey as all the smaller communities give way to the big tentpoles like reddit, 4chan, and social media.

Is all of that bad? Sometimes I think so, but change was inevitable considering the number of internet users doubled between 2005 and 2010, and again between 2010 and 2019. Not even weeb communities will remain your secret club forever.


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  • Author: 8cguTMih

sad, hope you're ok



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  • Author: 0llWvRYg

>13 you got me. tell all your friends, you won!


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  • Author: 8cguTMih

yea ok right

totally not serious


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  • Author: 0llWvRYg

it's not a pasta, but i'm not serious either. i don't think anybody old actually comes to these boards. some guy made a list of textboards, so i've been trying to start shit up, but i don't think this thread worked particularly well.


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  • Author: EoDCbqHI


Is this copypasta or are you serious?
Because if you are thats a prime example that we still lul nowadays.


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  • Author: k+94wwHs

jesus what a pasta

calm down im older than you


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  • Author: 0llWvRYg

i suspect it's because you don't really have a frame of reference: there's nothing really that makes you go "holy shit this is awesome", the way most people felt about the internet in the late 90s early 2000s, so you can't really compare it to my "holy shit that was awesome".

one parallel i can make is the 90s rave culture. sometimes (_sometimes_, i fucking said _sometimes_) at festivals these days i might reminisce about my experiences back then, but because party goers are not usually jaded neets, they don't go "blah blah blah old man", they actually want to know how it was, so that they can try and recreate it now. remove something, add something, etc. from their experience so that they can bring it closer to a higher state of consciousness we managed to achieve back then. and sometimes it works, sometimes old timers can help recreate some aspect of the rave back then. but in the music festival scene, newfags are also coming up with all kinds of crazy new shit all the time, and it's the synergy of the old and the new that still makes it worth participating.

very rarely do i have similar experience on the internet. there was a resurgence of small unix based communities recently, tildeverses, where people were using the old shared unix model to build a social community. that's kind of fun. live streaming now works way better, so there's movement around that. you got anything else? anything at all? more often than not, people like you can't even _name_ anything that will prove me somehow wrong. it's all just posturing, masking deep dissatisfaction and ennui. you know who invented your pose? fucking andy warhol. and that was like 50 years ago. maybe try coming up with something else, hmm?


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  • Author: 0llWvRYg

lol, you know you read all that into my comment to make it seem like i'm stuck in the past, it's almost like you're making an attempt at a detached kind of cool because you're overcompensating or something. is it because you suspect i might be right? i read thread after thread of newfags (don't mean nothing by the term, they are just younger) complaining about lack of cozy, complaining about corporate, complaining about "dead board", complaining about "4chan being shitty", complaining about blah blah blah. and then we come out and we're like "dude, it was fucking awesome i tell you". that gotta be a shitty feeling, that you missed out.


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  • Author: KIDsdZNt


wow its kinda sad to have a life so tied to something that is long gone unable to appreciate the new and unable to practice the old got goosebumps just thinking about it

at least you go out sometimes


Smilies (Textboards, not just for text)

by Prettyboy Yumi /
If you've used AIM or any instant messenger before, you're undoubtedly familiar with the wide range of smiley faces you can use to convey your feelings through IM. Now on RalEE, I've updated our jBBCode to handle a number of smilies itself :grin:
More information is available on the BBCode help page regarding their availability and usage.
I am also looking for your favorite smilies! If you think I've missed a few, or if you've got suggestions on ones to add, or even if you've made some yourself feel free to reach out to me (either on RalEE or via e-mail). I look forward to hearing from you!
~ Yumi

Endtroducing...: RalEE Powered by Machine Learning

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hiyaya! While I've been soaking up the California sun these past few months I've also been hacking away at RAL under the hood. The most recent updates spawned a few different branches on Github which have all since been merged into master; most obviously, there is no more robocheck! Or rather, there is a robocheck but it's just a checkbox. Since RAL is entirely open-source you can browse the changes on Github; there's been a lot of behind-the-scenes change!

I'm super excited to push us into the next major release! If you ever want to collaborate, don't shy away from e-mailing me or opening a pull-request; together there's nothing we can't do! Plus I've always wanted to pair program in a totally sexual way...

Oh, right...: machine learning! We've been plagued by an increasing amount of spam within the past few months. And while I've been enjoying my vacation / public-servanthood in San Francisco I've kept a keen eye on the site. When we opened over a year ago (under the a different domain name too, time flies!) I was hesitant to delete any posts, but I came to see these posts contribute nothing to our community; actually, they detract from our originality. This spam doesn't seem to be created by robots (they would fail the robocheck) but rather by (sub-human) .onion users. In any case, I have added ample ability to the new RalEE to flag and hide these posts while simultaneously teaching the software to recognize and prevent these kind of posts... so, if you ever find that the site refuses your post, try being a little less spammy ^.^

Mumble Server!

by Prettyboy Yumi /
We now have a Mumble server!
Port: 64738

Mumble is a voice-chat software which has been around since 2005; I'm excited to host a server where we can communicate in real-time! And it's not made by /g/ so it's practicaly guaranteed to stay around longer.
I've gotten the opportunity to test-drive it recently; if you've used Teamspeak or Ventrilo then it'll all come naturally. Download the client from the official site or fetch it from your distro's repositories.

Maybe you've noticed the recent, sporatic down-time? I can tell you that it's not just those BOFH at Spectrum but on the contrary I've been upgrading my mess of home-servers which keeps these sites (i.e.,,, and among others) in running condition! Sometimes there's so much maintanance to do and so much I want to explore that I don't have time between school and everything to do it all! If you ever want to lend a hand (either with maintainance or with the server finances) please reach out!

There's room if you want to come live in the server-room with me too.
~ Yumi


by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hello; we're closing in on the first anniversary of RalEE: on January 6th we will have witnessed the passage of our first year. This is a wonderful thing for a community to close in on and I'm glad that we have braved the rough waters well: there is nothing that makes me happier now than to think of how far we've come and how much farther we still can go in demonstrating the gems of our text-based, BBS community around the Internet.

To celebrate this milestone I will accelerate the release of FUTURE SEQUENCE #001. This experiment was originally planned for a much, much longer timetable but owing to a handful of unexpected early-successes, Future Sequence #001 will begin on Jan. 1, 12AM (GMT+0) and last until Jan. 6, 12AM (GMT+0). During these five (5) days will be inaccessible due to the future : I hope you will be understanding. RAL will be accesible again from Jan. 6th onward.

For the duration of the future sequence RAL will be operating in altered-state and as such your experience of the Internet may deviate from normal.

We hope your future-sequence goes well: until then...

New Domain and Welcome to v3.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hiya; I just got around to adding some new things into RAL last night and finally I've decided it's tme to say it: welcome to RAL v3.0!

We even have a new URL to go with the recent changes: we're now on-line at which is very easy to remember, especially for our newer friends. There are also lots of new themes to complement all these changes so check them all out (or you can find them anytime in the panel at the top of the page).

Finally I want to point out the brand-new Sysop / Co-sysop panel; I'm looking forward to recruiting a handful of co-sysops so that we can help our little community grow even more!

Version 2.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Oh, does something look different? It's RALv2.0! We've come a long way since January and this redesign makes me feel that it's only up from here! Special thanks to hellbaby for contributing the [Anime] and [Music] banner! If you'd like to get in on the behind-the-scenes action, join our IRC (


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First, you may notice that there are a number of different boards which have a single focus. These boards are called Continuities because unlike boards, posts are never archived and threads are never locked: conversation is continuous, so it is called a Continuity; each has its own focus. The focus is a glimpse into realm of truth that is afforded by the Continuity. However, the truth is not freely-given and is hardly objective. Therefore, you should post to expose this truth. In turn, posting could not exist without this focusing truth so please respect it.

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