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I just read Girls' Last Tour and it was great. Prior to that, I hadn't read any manga in years. Any suggestions for similar manga?


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What was the last tech-related thing you learned about? For me, I just recently learned about sitemaps and XML, things I probably should have known a long time ago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sitemaps


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How many people here know a Lisp?
I've been toying with Scheme for the past few days, but the decentralized nature of different interpreters/compilers has felt quite odd. I'm also not finding a lot of pre-existing libraries for things like graphics and sound. Most of the repos are quite sparse and are 10 years old. Gambit scheme has a C interface, so one could hook C libraries to get around this, however it seems like a lot of work.


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I prefer linux mint, thank you.


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Cute little single; released in May but I only started listening to the album recently: Now, Now - AZ


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Is this kink-shaming?


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Wow you're so deep and better than everyone else because you're making fun of coffee. Only NORMIES drink coffee amirite? Wow so wacky and zany!!!!!! Why wake up with caffeine like A PLEB when you can be tired instead?


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Remember to live every day to the fullest; I, for instance, got an iced americano instead of a hot americano today. This is the true definition of variety and I hope everyone realises how important it is to be disruptive in a world full of sheep.


New Domain and Welcome to v3.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hiya; I just got around to adding some new things into RAL last night and finally I've decided it's tme to say it: welcome to RAL v3.0!

We even have a new URL to go with the recent changes: we're now on-line at ralee.org which is very easy to remember, especially for our newer friends. There are also lots of new themes to complement all these changes so check them all out (or you can find them anytime in the panel at the top of the page).

Finally I want to point out the brand-new Sysop / Co-sysop panel; I'm looking forward to recruiting a handful of co-sysops so that we can help our little community grow even more!

Version 2.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Oh, does something look different? It's RALv2.0! We've come a long way since January and this redesign makes me feel that it's only up from here! Special thanks to hellbaby for contributing the [Anime] and [Music] banner! If you'd like to get in on the behind-the-scenes action, join our IRC (howler.space:6667).


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