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Thank you very much, I didn't know that was a thing.
I know this outs me as an idiot, but, howms't the frick does one download over XMPP? I've only ever used irc and torrents to back up digital media that I own...

Also, from what I can tell a VPN must only be useful to circumvent chinese firewalls and to spoof your location for funsies.


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Jack is powerless and sickly
Heavily mediated life, shallow consumerist values have destroyed his sense of personal worth.
Depression/ mental illness are a result of his descent into nihilism.
Unable to find true meaning in his life.


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Civilization needs a hard reboot


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I use a VPN 24/7 and haven't had any problems. It helped me get past the Great Firewall of China, at least.


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the Man doesn't care what JAVs you like if you are downloading over XMPP; likely lots of agents on the torrent swarm or whatever so just use an anonymous proxy. Or steal your neighbour's wifi.


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You can make any program use the tor network with torify or torsocks, if that's what you are asking.


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I was under the impression that TOR only obfuscates traffic which comes through the browser itself. How could I prevent the Man from knowing what JAVs I like if I'm downloading them via a bittorrent client or IRC?


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just use TOR / I2P; alternatively you could use an open proxyanytime you want to download something you don't want the Man to know you have. That's how I download American media most of the time


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When are we gonna run low on natural resources and then fight each other for the remaining ones? Will WW3 be about ores, minerals and oil?


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NordVPN is a honeypot.


New Domain and Welcome to v3.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Hiya; I just got around to adding some new things into RAL last night and finally I've decided it's tme to say it: welcome to RAL v3.0!

We even have a new URL to go with the recent changes: we're now on-line at ralee.org which is very easy to remember, especially for our newer friends. There are also lots of new themes to complement all these changes so check them all out (or you can find them anytime in the panel at the top of the page).

Finally I want to point out the brand-new Sysop / Co-sysop panel; I'm looking forward to recruiting a handful of co-sysops so that we can help our little community grow even more!

Version 2.0

by Prettyboy Yumi /
Oh, does something look different? It's RALv2.0! We've come a long way since January and this redesign makes me feel that it's only up from here! Special thanks to hellbaby for contributing the [Anime] and [Music] banner! If you'd like to get in on the behind-the-scenes action, join our IRC (howler.space:6667).


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